The Backstory

After 24 years as a certified wellness practitioner,  I knew there must be a quicker, deeper & more effective way to address root cause INFLAMMATION, that science has now shown to be at the core of most chronic illness.

Then, an accident broke my intestinal track.  The nerves that helped keep the waste moving out stopped working completely.   I lost a massive amount of hair, my brain couldn't function, aches all over, sleepless nights, and within 12 months, I was diagnosed with Rouleaux Formation which the doctor said is often an indicator of Cancer growth. I was on a tailspin in to a serious health crisis.  

Funny thing life is, because it was my own personal health crisis that brought me to discover- The Best Brain Detox.  

And because it gave me my life back, I want to share it with everyone.  

The Approach

From the very beginning, the developers of this program knew, that THE  ONE common core stress, for so many of our energy, cognitive function, pain, weight, digestion and mood related problems is INFLAMMATION AT A CELLULAR LEVEL. 

So priority number one, is to resolve this hyper-inflammatory cascade not just in organs and tissus, but all the way into the cell.   And there is no easier, faster, safer or more effective way to do this, than with 



The Results

I had been running marathons and casually biohacking my body for a couple of years.  I helped develop & bring bleeding edge high-tech with MIcrosoft's holographic computing platform HoloLens to market, even to the International Space Station.  I have an amazing wife and 2 children.  Why Detox?

I was curious. 

So I did lab work - Hormones, Heavy Metals & Metabolism.   (And then I did the detox) And 3 months later, I knocked it out of the park in 2 areas. 

I began to get a much greater sense of connection and camaraderie with my wife and children, which is PRICELESS. 

If that wasn't enough, even stranger.... perhaps, more extraordinary things started happening.   I started to collaborate on projects with my favorite authors, business leaders and hero's.  And, curiously, I started to discover more time and space in my life for reading and spiritual growth. All from a detox!?!? 

Strange. Isn't it?

I dare you to see what happens when you throw yourself into being as full, whole, and healthy as you can be. You may just find that for every drop you give, you get a bucket in return. 

This Detox Program

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Ryan Sternagel

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Detox Your Home Expert

Dr. Nicole Avena PhD

Published Neuroscience Assist.

Professor at Mt Sinai and

Princeton University

Pedram Shojai

Founder of

Renouwned Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Nicole Avena PhD

Expert in Thyroid, Weight, Diabetes and Infertility problems related to Environmental Toxins

Stephen Ezell

CEO at MyGreenFills and Memberbox

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