Master your 






It's not your fault.

You don't FEEL IDEAL because you're:


         -easily distracted

         -forgetting things

         -driven by cravings

         -suffering digestive problems

         -achy or in pain

         -weight-loss resistant

         -will power is waning 

         -moods are heavy  


         -needing "aides"  for

          Energy, Focus or Happiness

It's time to stop believing:

  • your doctors that say, "it's just aging"

  • that you don't have time to deal with it

  • that it's not early signs of Chronic Illness

What is it?

Our program is an online portal & private coaching supported, powerful supplement based detox, designed for busy professionals.   Participants will effectively identify and resolve the Inflammation based problems, that are currently triggering a number of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that stymie success. 

And the side benefit is that most people lose weight, notice improved skin or hair, and look and feel more vibrant once they've completed the program. 

How it works 


While the science behind this program is deeply complex,

a participants experience

is remarkably easy.

What does it do?

Scientists have clarified, that inflammation based symptoms are the "Canary in the Coal Mine" indicating that Chronic Illness is likely occur if things dong change significantly.  A hidden cause of this inflammation is the toxins blocking your hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients from delivering maximized value to your beautiful body, at the cellular level.  The Best Brain Detox's leading edge prescription, cleanses the toxins, at the cellular level, that are creating the Inflammatory Conditions, at their core.   

That is why we see such a variety of impressive results from our powerful 3 month cleansing programs.   


From weight loss resistance to memory, focus and will power, to happiness and motivation levels, digestive issues, emotional resilience, energy levels and of course aches and pains and sleep problems, they are all inflammatory related symptoms that can be addressed by removing the years of toxic build up that has now reached the level of the cells, including Brain Tissues Cells. 

It's 100% About Results

I no longer experience the brain fog that was my constant companion.  My work and my family have both noticed a little grin I always have now.

Carol Ann

I lost 12 pounds in the first 5 weeks.  I haven't had this much energy or drive since high school.


I lost 37 lbs in 90 days, and feel 100 times better, physically and mentally.   I can finally enjoy being a new mom. 




We believe...

The Best Brain Detox is the embodiment of everything we believe about people, health, and technology. 

Designed to address the 3 critical causes of cellular toxicity:

  • Microbial based Biotoxins

  • Heavy Metals

  • General Toxins  (like neurotoxins & endotoxins).  


We've witnessed it transform lives and believe it will evolve how we scale root-cause medicine.

This is truly, at this moment in time, a one of a kind wellness program.


"Now, I tell my clients to do the program" >


"I sleep through the night for the 1st time in years" >


"my energy and focus

dramatically improved" >

How We Help

Sculpt An Amazing Figure while Improving Digestion

10x Boost in Energy & Brain Function

Sleep Like a Rock Star

and Decrease Pain

Feel Amazing

with Longevity

I was fully aware that I needed a mercury and aluminum detox, but knew about the dangers of stirring up mercury and did not want to do that on my own.  This has been a scientific breakthrough and a well-designed, doable program that really works by removing toxins but is gentle enough because it binds them.  How I wish this was available and I could have done it 20 years ago. Thanks for all the support in this program.  It would have been difficult to sort through this and press on when there are symptoms, without the support forum.  

I am definitely feeling better after doing even one Brain Phase.  Although I plan to continue it for a while. I definitely focus better, plan better and react better.  Headaches are less, SIBO is better, and I'm in a better mood and have more energy.  Praise God for bringing this all together in one place. 

I have been sick for 6 decades. But thanks to this detox program, I have been able to start eating foods again, after only having 2 foods left that i could eat.  I feel blessed that I have been led to this program to transform my life.  I have great things happening yet plan to repeat the program until I have optimum health, which I have never had since birth.

There is new hope!  Thanks for this gift. I have a new life starting.


The future

is built by todays choices

Let's make sure

your future is amazing, by keeping you in the drivers seat with your health.





We know business culture is important.  The Best Brain Detox, cultivates wellbeing, which naturally, improves productivity.

Health is life,

invest in yours today!


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